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Qualities of a Mayor

I am Marianne Alto, and I’m running for mayor.

My platform has 6 themes – housing, well-being, climate adaptation, the economy, city services and reconciliation – all interconnected to deliver an evolving city that is open, welcoming, and safe for everyone.  I urge you to read all about it at my website,

Today, one month from election day, I want to ask you to think about the qualities you want in your next mayor.

Let me share what you’ve already told me.

You want someone who believes that it’s fair to share our future with the Indigenous people of our territory.  That we will all benefit from working together on economic, cultural and social reconciliation.

 You want someone with integrity.  Who will be honest, transparent, and always take responsibility for their actions.  Who will talk about their original ideas and make space for you to add your thoughts and plans so we create strategies and actions that we can make happen, together.

You want someone who has the experience to know how systems work, and knows how to work inside and outside those systems to make them work better for you.  Who understands the importance of pushing boundaries, but knows how to work inside them to your best advantage.

You want someone who has the courage to make tough decisions, no matter where we are in the election cycle.

You want someone who has proven that they are calm, reasonable, unflappable in a crisis – who always seeks a balanced outcome with which most people can live.  Who balances the present and future so our city can model the evolution of towns to cities and how to make that change thoughtfully, kindly.

I ask you to think about those qualities.  If that’s still what you value, what you want in your next mayor, let me humbly say that I have demonstrated all these qualities over my time as a three term councillor.  I believe fairness, integrity, experience, calm, courage and kindness are essential in the Mayor’s chair, if we are to confront, embrace and prosper amidst the challenges of the next 4 years.

Thank you.

As generally spoken to those gathered at the FGCA all candidates fair, September 15, 2022.

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