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September 29, 2022                                                                              


Welcomes bold action achieving missed municipal housing goals 

VICTORIA, BC - - Mayoralty Candidate Marianne Alto is in full support of BCNDP Leadership Candidate David Eby’s proposed housing plans should he become leader and Premier.

“Mr. Eby’s announcement yesterday was the boldest vision for the future of housing we’ve seen in the Province, and I support it fully.” says Alto. 

“He was very clear when he was the Minister of Housing, that the province wanted municipalities to move on housing – and that’s central to my platform, and how I have been leading as a councillor. Now his intentions are even more bold – signalling historic actions to build supportive, rental and attainable middle-class housing for all British Columbians. I’m especially pleased to see Mr. Eby add funding for unhoused and Indigenous British Columbians, opt to enable secondary suites, replace a single-family home with up to three units on the same footprint, and establish minimum standards for housing delivery by municipality, with community amenity rewards for those municipalities that exceed those targets. Victoria Council missed an opportunity to address the Missing Middle, but we can commit to working as partners with the province to get the job done now.” 

“I challenge other local candidates to support this bold vision for housing delivery – to stop drawing out processes that leave more people behind – without a home and without hope.”

“Since May 17th I’ve been clear, Victorians – and my – number one priority is housing. People can’t keep waiting – and the message from the Province was loud and clear: get your house in order and speed things up, or we’ll do it for you. Mr. Eby has neatly set out how he will take action on housing, should he be the next BC Premier, and I support that vision.” 

Alto’s Housing platform, found on, includes:

  • Property tax holidays for owners of purpose-built rentals
  • Rewards for purpose built affordable and rental housing applications
  • Limited conversion of empty commercial real estate spaces into housing units
  • Accelerated Victoria Housing Strategy and Rapid Deployment of Affordable Housing
  • Missing Middle Initiative
  • Reward programs to minimize tenant displacement
  • Explore & fund a city land bank program, to bank capital to purchase land for affordable housing projects in partnership with other governments and non-profit housing providers


For More Information:

Marianne Alto                                                   Phone: 250-885-6868
email: [email protected]                                  Website:

Twitter: @TeamAltoMayor                                Facebook: Marianne.Alto

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