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October 5, 2022


Evolution of the City for Everyone Requires Bold Action

VICTORIA, BC - - Victoria Mayoralty Candidate Marianne Alto today released her vision for a revitalised Victoria waterfront.

“As we build a City of Everyone, we need to look at Victoria in the future and how it will take shape, and that includes our waterfront,” Alto says. “For centuries Indigenous nations have welcomed settlers and visitors to these shores, and while it has changed significantly, it’s high time we upgraded those urban places of hospitality.”


“As Mayor I will reintroduce and take next steps on the city’s Ship Point Master Plan (first imagined from the Harbour Vitality Principles in 2014, and the Ship Point Concept Options and Master Plan Assessment Phase Summary documents in 2017) and start to build nothing less than the new face of the Victoria waterfront,” Alto committed.

In the summer of 2017 more than 300 people attended two open houses reviewing conceptual designs of the project and came to terms on key opportunities and objectives which included:

  • Providing a site design and infrastructure to create a signature waterfront park and destination, and to support the location of year-round special events and festivals
  • Strengthening pedestrian connections along the waterfront and to the Downtown
  • Programing the site for year round activity to make the site more inviting  
  • Supporting downtown economic health and vibrancy

“Where council hit a wall was how to fund the project in the face of other critical priorities. I believe government and community investors are ready to back this project, to make our downtown waterfront a landmark, and under my leadership we will do just that,” Alto said.

“A thriving economy is central to my platform – we can establish and nurture an economy that will pay our way forward and leave our city in good shape for our children and grandchildren, she said. “It’s the kind of city I have worked hard to foster every day as a Councillor, and this waterfront vision, catalyzed by activating the Ship Point Master Plan, is another key part of the plan I’m asking the people of Victoria to support as their Mayor. It’s the plan I know I can deliver. The economy is part of what helps to bring our communities together, and truly build a City for Everyone.

A City for Everyone is built around six interconnected and mutually supportive areas of opportunity that work together to move Victoria forward as a safe, people-oriented, economically thriving, just and inclusive community.


For More Information:

Marianne Alto                                                

Phone: 250-885-6868
email: [email protected]                


Twitter: @TeamAltoMayor                           

Facebook/Instagram: Marianne.Alto

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