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Mayoral Candidate Marianne Alto Releases Vision - A City for Everyone


September 15, 2022 


Outlines Housing, Reconciliation, Economic Recovery Central to Six-Pillar Platform

VICTORIA, BC - - City of Victoria Mayoralty Candidate Marianne Alto today released her comprehensive campaign platform - A City for Everyone.

“On May 17th I announced the beginning of our campaign - - A City for Everyone - - but in truth the ideas that encompass our campaign platform have been in my mind, and in my heart, for much longer, and that is something you can’t just cut, copy and paste onto a campaign sign,” Alto says.

Alto’s platform draws on her years of experience as a City Councillor, her record of listening to and working with a wide variety of community leaders from a range of sectors and residents from across the city’s neighbourhoods, and her demonstrated ability to bring people together to address the most urgent challenges and create opportunities that improve the lives of all city residents.

A City for Everyone is built around six interconnected and mutually supportive areas of opportunity that work together to move Victoria forward as a safe, people-oriented, economically thriving, just and inclusive community.

“It’s the kind of city I’ve worked hard to foster every day as a Councillor,” says Alto. “Now, if elected Mayor, I’m ready to lead the kind of balanced, sustainable and thoughtful change that Victoria residents and business people tell me over and over again that they want and need.” 

“That means bringing people together in common purpose. It means understanding what makes this city work, balancing present and future needs, making difficult decisions that serve Victorians now and tomorrow. Leaders need to lead. They must listen, examine, consider, review, compare and think for themselves. All that takes experience.” 

Alto’s A City for Everyone includes specific commitments and actions in six areas of opportunity:

  • Housing: A home for everyone
  • City services: Public works that meet the needs of residents
  • Well-being: A healthy, safe, active community
  • Climate Adaptation: Protecting the Planet, neighbourhood by neighbourhood
  • The Economy: A strong economy that pays our way forward
  • Reconciliation: Creating a shared and just future

“These are the issues I’ve been talking about on Council and every day since I launched my campaign on May 17th,” says Alto. “This is the plan I’m asking the people of Victoria to support, to which we can add as we work through it together. It’s the plan I know I can deliver. It will help unite our neighbourhoods, and build a City for Everyone.


For Media Availability:

Marianne Alto                                                

Phone: 250-885-6868

email: [email protected]


Twitter: @TeamAltoMayor

Facebook: Marianne.Alto



The following are examples of specific elements in the plan. Much more details on all six elements can be found at:

Housing: A home for everyone

  • Accelerate the Victoria Housing Strategy, Rapid Deployment of Affordable Housing and Village and Corridors plans
  • Reconsider a revised Missing Middle Housing Initiative
  • Create a city land bank program
  • Plan and redevelop Evergreen Terrace lands
  • Complete the Douglas Corridor comprehensive development plan
  • Consider a limited property tax holiday for purpose built rentals
  • And much more…

Reconciliation: Creating a shared and just future

  • Build on the successful relationships created over years of mutual reconciliation work
  • Maintain Victoria’s leadership by implementing the Calls to Action to the City that emerged from those relationships
  • Continue public knowledge sharing through more Reconciliation Dialogues
  • And much more…

 The Economy: A strong economy pays our way forward

  • Activate Victoria 3.0
  • Protect industrial and manufacturing lands
  • Increase downtown business improvement programs
  • Redevelop the Victoria Conference Centre
  • Realize the Arts and Innovation District
  • And much more…

 City services: Public works that meet the needs of residents – and leave no pothole unfilled

  • Enhance budgets for roads, sidewalks, active transportation, accessibility, maintenance
  • Ensure predictable, transparent public works service delivery
  • Renew public gardens to support the moniker ‘A City of Gardens’
  • And much more…

Well-being: A healthy, safe, active community

  • Crystal pool redevelopment
  • Enhanced use of Royal Athletic Park, with SD61, community organizations’ programs, and public access
  • Development rewards for public realm, public and community space enhancement
  • Housing, financial and practice incentives for health professionals and the wellness workers that support and assist them
  • Enhanced funding for civilian community crisis response teams
  • Increased public realm cleaning and maintenance, bylaw services, ambassadors
  • Support for every recommendation in the provincial Special Committee on Reforming the Police Act report Transforming Policing and Community Safety in British Columbia.
  • And much more…

Climate Adaptation: Protecting the Planet, neighbourhood by neighbourhood

  • Implement the City’s Climate Leadership Plan, Electric Vehicle and Electric Mobility Strategy, Zero Waste Victoria strategy and GO Victoria
  • Create regular hot and cold weather shelters and relief services
  • Explore a curb management strategy
  • Enhance tree and native planting programs
  • And much more…



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