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Experience. Balance. Progress. Marianne Alto Seeks Mayor's Seat on Victoria Council

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                 May 17, 2022


Experience. Balance. Progress.


VICTORIA - - After three terms as councillor, Marianne Alto is ready to take her experience and balanced approach to lead Victoria as a city for everyone, this time as mayor.

“For some time now, a broad range of Victorians have asked me to consider running for Mayor. I have been listening carefully, reflecting on their advice and concerns while concentrating on the demands of the day doing my job as a councillor”, said Alto.  “Now, it's time to commit to those residents and announce today that I am going to take their advice and run for Mayor in the upcoming municipal election.


“Victoria has passed the threshold of a ‘big town’ and is evolving into a thriving city with complex, urban challenges. Meeting those challenges requires balance, leadership, experience, and the courage to make tough decisions.  I make sure I am well-informed and well-prepared as only then is it possible to listen actively with objectivity and bring opposing interests together to find solutions.

“My approach won’t change as Mayor. I will continue to identify a reasoned path forward that reflects the interests of the community today, with a responsible eye on the future.

“The city has made progress on several important fronts, and there’s work left to do:

  • we’ve built momentum on housing, but I’d like to ensure everyone in Victoria has a home;
  • the local economy is strong, and nothing to which we aspire happens without that engine, and I feel we must always be paying our way forward;
  • the well being of our residents must be secured by creating healthy safe places and spaces where we can stay active and engaged;
  • we’ve made progress on climate action, but we need to do more to protect our planet and find local solutions, neighborhood by neighborhood;
  • we’ve started on our path of Reconciliation with Indigenous Nations, but we have much more to do if we are to create a shared and equitable future together;
  • our city is looking a little worn after the pandemic, where budgets were stretched with unexpected costs. We need to invest in more care and maintenance to enhance its curb appeal.”

Alto recognizes some citizens feel overwhelmed by the pace of change in recent years, and it’s time to “take a breath” to assess our progress, make whatever adjustments make sense, and then thoughtfully move forward as a city for future generations.

“In the days and months ahead, I look forward to talking about these ideas, and others, in more detail with people on their doorsteps and in neighbourhoods throughout the city. I welcome the opportunity to listen and speak to residents one by one, and to explore together how we will continue to build a city for everyone.”



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