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A strong economy pays our way forward

  • Activate Victoria 3.0
  • Protect industrial and manufacturing lands
  • Increase downtown business improvement programs
  • Redevelop the Victoria Conference Centre
  • Realize the Arts and Innovation District
  • Support efficient investment in the city

Victoria 3.0 is an economic action plan that complements the City’s Official Community Plan. It’s long-term, and includes actions based on a plan and vision for a sustainable city with an innovation ecosystem based on a strong, resilient economy. It has three main goals – the first focus is to support businesses to adapt to a new normal and become more resilient in light of experiences and lessons learned during the COVID-19 pandemic. The second is to create an economy and city for everyone. The third goal is to make sure that economy, that city, is sustainable indefinitely.

Activating Victoria 3.0 in its entirety will establish and nurture an economy that will pay our forward and leave our city in good shape for our children and grandchildren.

There are a few specific actions that we should undertake right away.

We must intentionally protect industrial and manufacturing lands. There are few left in Victoria, and those that remain are producing family-supporting jobs while adapting to methods that are increasingly sustainable and cognizant of the need to adapt to environmentally coherent operations.

The Victoria Conference Centre is the city's largest conference facility – 77,000 square feet of meeting space, 21 multi-purpose meeting rooms, a large exhibit hall and 400-seat lecture theatre. While already an example of sustainable operations, from energy-efficiency to water conservation and waste management, after 33 years in business, VCC needs a revamp with an eye to keeping pace with the demands of modern conferences, conference attendees, and best practices in destination meeting management.

The Arts and Innovation District is a unique chance to create visionary developments with the right mix of industrial and employment uses, high-quality public and private spaces, resurging Indigenous economic development, with spaces for local artists, makers and creators. It has the potential to be a showcase for BC architecture and construction, a model for climate adaptation and resilience with energy-efficient and sustainable construction and community design. It can be a model for cultural and social inclusion, at the same time standing as a tribute to BC’s marine heritage. With the general blueprints laid out in Victoria 3.0 we must realize the Arts and Innovation District and reimagine the northwest sector of downtown.

Investment contributes to city-building that supports public amenities, enhanced transportation, open spaces, ocean access, housing, employment, and overall liveability. If all these quality of life improvements are to be realized, we need to streamline processes to minimize delay and make the best use of city staff’s expertise.

In the coming weeks, I’ll reveal another idea for a showpiece action that will boost our economy and demonstrate our growing embrace of a new relationship with the adjacent seas. Stay tuned!


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