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Catherine Holt Endorsement

I'm very pleased to have this opportunity to endorse Marianne Alto as candidate for Mayor of Victoria.

Marianne embodies the values of those of us who care about making Victoria a city that works for everyone. 

We all need the support of a strong, effective mayor to protect the progress we have made and ensure Victoria is a model city for the future and a leader in our region.  A city that adapts to our changing needs.  A city that makes headway on providing affordable housing for workers and their families. A city that is acting now to make its contribution to addressing climate change. A city that is moving away from the car and providing other mobility choices, A city that leads reconciliation with our indigenous neighbours and welcomes their contribution. And a city that attracts the right kind of business and keeps us on a strong economic footing.

I have known Marianne for 30 years.  She is a progressive, informed and experienced councillor who will make a progressive, informed and experienced mayor.  She is a good listener, a balanced thinker and she excels at bringing people together to find common ground,  We need all of that in our mayor at this volatile time.  I have full confidence that Marianne is that Mayor.  I look forward to seeing her in that role. Please vote.

Catherine Holt,
Former CEO, Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce


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