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Carey Newman Endorses Marianne Alto for Mayor of Victoria

(As posted to Twitter)

It’s taken me a little while to get to this, but I’m supporting @TeamAltoMayor and
endorsing @MarianneAlto for mayor of Victoria and here is why. #yyjpoli A thread:

My endorsement of Marianne Alto is based on my experiences as an urban Indigenous
person, artist, member of the City Reconciliation Family, and as a homeowner and
taxpayer in this city.

Whether I am serving beside, or watching from afar, I have come to know Marianne as
a thoughtful person whose words are always supported by her actions. She as a
humble leader, who listens and learns from those around her, steadily making space for
new perspectives.

I trust Marianne for the way that she applies her principles across issues and across
difference, because I know that, even in disagreement, her decisions are deeply
considered and grounded in a respectful way of being.

I will vote for Marianne Alto, because I know that she will continue to balance the
diverse needs of our community, respecting the past, honouring the present, and taking
responsibility for the future. I will vote for her because her voting record backs up her

I will vote for her because she cares deeply about reconciliation and decolonization,
building strong relationships with Indigenous people, not by a nod to Indigenous ways
WITHIN colonial governance, but by acknowledging, listening to and learning from
Lekwungen leadership.

I will vote for her because she cares about Arts and Culture. Because she understands
that building a healthy and safe community is not found only in enforcement, but also in
addressing the root causes of the many social issues affecting our most vulnerable
community members.

I will vote for her because in her detailed platform, she explains her commitments and
reasoning. This transparency is much more trustworthy than the generalized statements
of her main opponent, whose platform isn’t backed by details, past actions, or voting

Progress has been made over the last two terms, and to avoid undoing a lot of good
work, I call on everyone who cares about the same things I do to stand up for, speak up
for, and especially to get out and vote for @MarianneAlto as the next mayor of Victoria.

Carey Newman

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