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On Governance

July 23, 2022

Governance – an issue I’ve been trying to highlight throughout my term at city Council – is a topic that is rarely seen as deserving attention.  Former Councillor Chris Coleman and I used to lament that governance is too often the least appreciated tool,...

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Missing Middle Housing: Opportunity Missed

June 06, 2022

Right now, there is no greater challenge facing Victoria residents and their families than affordability. I’m disappointed that some Victoria city councillors voted to maintain the status quo of unaffordability by delaying or voting against missing middle housing policies.  Delaying decisions in a crisis...

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Campaign Launch Remarks

May 18, 2022

  Thank you Brianna, for those grounding words of recognition and acknowledgement.   As we stand here today it is essential for us to feel our feet on the ground, to be inspired and  reassured that our paths are clear, and our intentions true to...

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